Sunday, November 16, 2014

Decorating for the Holidays with Dollar Tree

Until this year I had no idea Dollar Tree had so many Holiday items to use for decorating! As I said in my snowflakes post I am trying to make L's first Christmas as magical as possible. So after perusing my usually go to cheap sites (Menards and Big Lots) I wandered over to Dollar Trees site. Oh my lanta they have just about everything you could need for some awesome Holiday decor. Now their site and store don't always have the same items but for the most part they are the same. I would not recommend buying from the website unless you need 50 wreath door hangers.

Finally when Saturday came off to Dollar Tree we headed. I was in glitter, tinsel, snowman and Santa heaven. My first stop was to look for something to hang on the door. I knew I wanted something that would catch the eye and wasn't 100% sold on the traditional wreath. I found a very cute glitter snowman, but may create my own wreath from items found at Dollar Tree (I'll keep you updated on my main page). Across the aisle I spied jingle bells attached to door knob hangers. I am a huge sucker for jingle bells, they always remind me of the Holidays. I grabbed a Santa hat with jingle bells on the bottom.

So on to my next item (I made a list before I left the house so I could keep to my budget), ornaments. They had quite a variety of sizes to choose from (mainly in standard Christmas colors) and even clear plastic which may show up in a future craft idea on my main page. I purchased a couple different sizes in champagne, silver and red. I am planning a very fun project using the ornaments and some re purposed hardware store items so stay tuned for that.

I adore glitter, minus the mess, so that was my next stop. S has a glitter phobia so I had to sneak it into the cart when he wasn't looking. I always do any glitter projects on our screened porch to try not to get glitter all over the house, but have seen people use contact paper under whatever they are putting glitter on to keep the mess contained. I also picked up some glitter glitter glue, all for a project I must try again as the first try was a big fat fail. I'm hoping for a better outcome the second time around.

They had a great amount of stocking stuffers for kids of all ages. I found two packs of different designed socks for L which was great since the washer and/or dryer keeps eating his current socks. Dollar Tree also had a solution for that problem as well 3 pack of laundry mesh bags. Throw the socks in there when you take them off then throw the whole thing in the wash and no more lost socks.

I plan on going back for more as I already have more projects building in my head. Let me know if you have any favorite dollar items, favorite dollar store/spot, and any amazing ideas you have for dollar items. Also keep your eyes out for future posts on my main page for some of my dollar store projects.

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