Friday, November 14, 2014

First Cheap Tip

So I tend to look everywhere for cheap ideas, bargains and deals. Facebook has many group pages that you can find deals on. I subscribe to many garage sale pages and some neighborhood pages as well. The neighborhood pages can be worthwhile in a couple of ways, one it can let you know whats going on in your city and the cities around you and two you can find/help people find services in your area. Tonight I was surprised to find some websites that could get you a good deal on eyeglasses through a neighborhood page so that gave me the inspiration for my first cheap tip.

L's dad is the only one in our house that wears or needs glasses, but I'm keeping these in mind for the day when L will probably need glasses.

So the few sites that were mentioned (I have not purchased from any of these I am just passing on the recommendations of others. I have visited the sites and "pretend purchased"): Out of the two recommended sites this one seems to be the cheapest. Since S is the only one in the house that uses glasses I decided to pretend shop for him. Currently he has full metal rimmed glasses so I decided to look for similar styles, I believe S paid roughly around $400+ for his current glasses. On this site for similar frames and lenses the total cost came to $19.00! Even with customized lenses (I had no idea what his prescription was and apparently guessed some crazy numbers) the up charge was $9 total for both lenses. Shipping came to $4.95 so really not bad in my book. So total was right around $39. They had a lot of styles to chose from as well. This one has higher prices for the frames and lenses, but does have some good deals you just have to look for them. Right now they are also offering free shipping. Now some of the people that recommended this site stated that they got their first pair of frames and lenses for free. The only thing I could find stated you could try any frame free for 15 days, so that does not equal free to me. They are also having a cyber sale with 50% off right now. I again pretend shopped for S and chose the cheapest I could find were $49 (still better than the $400+ he paid), this again included lenses and on this site shipping so the final cost would be $49.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my first cheap tip and be on the lookout for more. If you have personally tried either of these sites and love them or hate them leave a comment to let me and others know. S has to get a new prescription so he may be headed to one of these sites soon.

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